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We now have 'The Fighter' on Prime Video! Click HERE to see the short film

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Here are our official posters for our narrative short and documentary short - 'The Fighter' and 'Grandad: Lost in Translation' WITH the Official RAINDANCE LAURELS!

grandad lost in translation documentary
The Fighter - Official Poster with Laure

Art Work Announcement: Our new graphic novel 'Mack the Knife' is OUT NOW. Get your copy HERE!

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British and Independent

The Code to Film

Welcome to CodeSpirit Productions, we are a British, Independent film company that was founded in 2017 by Laura Gregory, a film producer. We have our own film making style and want to tell unique and exciting stories. Hope you are ready, because we have some movies waiting for you.

CodeSpirit Productions

New Film Announcement: 'The Fighter' will be out on the 20th July 2019! Here is the trailer to celebrate.


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