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Film Work

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The Quiet Dude (2022)
Proof of Concept for Feature Film

It's 1959, a backwater town in Alabama


A drifter rocks up on the late train in a storm and takes shelter in a diner only to get embroiled in a skirmish with the local hoods who are operating a protection racket and running the town. Things quickly escalate for the Dude when he finds himself fighting to protect himself and the owners of the diner against a full scale assault from the mobsters in a life or death situation. But there is one thing they don't know about the Dude - he is a werewolf...

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A family-loving grandad wants to live his final years to the fullest, however, his day to day life is now a struggle since our society has become heavily tech-orientated.

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Read about our WSFF win here!

It's 1934, the Great Depression era, in Brooklyn and Tony Round is up to his neck with the towns mob. His dilemma is that he has been told to take a dive in the 5th round in his next match by the mob boss. And yet, he still has a dream - a premonition - that he will win in the 5th round - no matter what. He now must save himself from his fate and the consequences that follow....

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A man is caught in a time loop after a mysterious package arrives, sender unknown. The man is forced into reliving the same events over and over again after being shot in the head. He has no memory or prior knowledge of the events that led him there. But things have a habit of repeating themselves.

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