The Yellow Wallpaper - Feature Film

In 1887, Jane Wrightson and her physician husband John retreat to a country manor from the bustle of Victorian London, after the birth of their newborn son, to let Jane recover from what is now known as post natal depression. However, the room that John is keeping Jane in to rest has a problem - the yellow wallpaper on the walls is keeping Jane awake at night - the pattern, it's smell - that damned wallpaper can send someone insane.

yellow wallpaper.jpg

The Last Assignment- Feature Film

JOHNNY boy is a hitman adopted and trained by one of the best. When love comes calling,
Johnny helps JADE go after her abusers. The trouble is that Teddy – Johnny’s lifelong mentor
and adopted father is picked out as one of her abusers – Johnny has a dilemma on his
hands. We start with MR X holding Johnny hostage in a bleak room, tied to a chair and being
systematically tortured for information, the info that he wants is “Who Killed Teddy
Combs?” Then we start to unravel the story, bit-by-bit in flashbacks, to find out how Johnny
got there. And in a thrilling climax we learn the shocking truth. Nothing is what it seems.

El Diablo - Feature Film

This film is in the vain of ‘Halloween’ meets ‘Se7en’. It revolves around a detective and his newly assigned sidekick hunting down a serial killer, who is abducting women and chopping them up. The race is on to track the killer down as the body-count mounts up. The problem for the detectives is that this killer is like none other they have ever faced, it is like he is the devil himself. 

el diablo poster.png